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You have difficulty in managing too many accounts on google analytics website statistics. Google Analytics Multi Website help you solve this Website problem, help you get the better nên overview for a website to help you through the chart promptly To improve and develop own strategies a better way channel. Check below for some featres


Amazing Chart

Attractive charts that represent your data in different time and dates.

Reporting API V4

Google Analytics’s latest API v4 that contain The most advanced method to programmatically access report data in Google Analytics.

Realtime API V3

Get user activity occurring on a property right now. Realtime reports are updated within seconds so you can build live dashboards to monitor how users are interacting with your property at any moment.

What Type Of Reports

  • New Visitors and Returning Visitor Based on Week / Month / Year
  • Users / Bounce Rate / Session Duration
  • New Users by Location
  • Live Active Users via Real-time API V3
  • Top Active Pages
  • Sessions by Device Type
  • Custom Chart : Check below for it.

Custom Charts

Check with your requirement

Easy to Use

You can easily select your own Metrics & Dimension and generate your charts.

Date Picker

There is awesome date picker on that you can select your date for generate report.


Chose your own Dimension like User Type, Medium, Source, Keyword, Social Network, Browser, Operating System, Device Category, Language, Screen Resolution.


Chose your own Metrics like Pageviews, New Users, Sessions, Hits


Its contain list of already added site.

Add Site

Add new site by project id and Google Authentication Code



Bounce Rate

Session Duration


Live Active User

Top Active Pages

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